Is it Broken… Because it ain’t working. #Mend2017


What’s broken can always be fixed… if you know how to piece it back together.

Broken meaning fractured or damaged. Not in working order or in multiple pieces.

Also known to most people as:

Given up on ALL hope.

But the question is… do you HOPE to be fixed? Is that your desire and wish? Do you want it to really happen?

I chose to have this photo of me in black and white, because it was during this time in my life that I discovered that everything isn’t always clear. Especially when you THINK you have everything figured out in life.

Check Off List In Order.

It was during this time that my hopes and dreams were challenged because EVERYTHING change for me. Most people don’t notice if something is BROKEN if it works a little or is close enough.


I was in the mist of ending a long term relationship. (4 years and counting)

I was debating if law school was the place for me. (I really love research and facts… I’m an Analyst Nerd. My major GPA was around 3.8 something. I love DATA, I thought it was a gift but God gives us many gifts)

The closest people to me didn’t care for me wanting a closer relationship with God. (Most people are okay with a little bit of a BIG God. But HE fixed it)

My dreams were BIGGER than most of the people around me. (So of course they seem CRAZY to them)

I was in the recovery stages of mending my fractured back. (I was hit head on by a DUI driver at night and had to wear this hard shell brace and endure months of PT)

Nothing seem to be going the way I planned.

There were many more things going on… But the point of it all is that Jesus is an incredible mender.

Sometimes the emptier you are inside… the more it allows room for God to move in your life.

Side Note: You can’t fill what’s already FULL.

So like a blank canvas… God remove some things in my life and began to paint a new picture. I was able to spend more time with him and really get to know him. And the more I would seek HIM. He would add to my life.

More Things like:







I’m the girl that never stops smiling… but it’s strange that I thought I was happy before. I don’t know what to call myself now because I’m extremely happy now!

When you realize EVERYTHING IS WORKING FOR YOUR GOOD… Your vision begins to change.

I’ve learned that having plans are great! But God’s plans are better and greater.

What I thought were HOPES and DREAMS before I was broken… were only small things compared to what God had in store for me.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to be BROKEN. Even the ground itself has to be BROKEN in order to plant SEEDS. It’s a cultivating stage in life.

And so the SEEDS were planted in my life.

And NOW I’m seeing the produce of those SEEDS.




When you empty somethings in life… you never know what you’re going to find.

Luckily… I found me. 

I discovered that I really like who I am… and not what others think I should be. 2017 allows me to take all of those lessons and build upon them. This is the time to dream bigger… Speak good things… Encourage more…

Live the Life God has for YOU!!!

I’m done with just existing. Make 2017 your year to LIVE. Don’t just exist. The God we serve never intended for you just to exist. The word of God says He breathe the BREATH of LIFE. Not EXISTENCE.

Sure going to work and home everyday is cool. Maybe a vacation here and there… But there’s MORE to life.

Allow God to take the pieces of you and use them for HIS GLORY.

The creator can always mend what’s BROKEN. He knows the function of every piece, the purpose for which it was created, and exactly where it belongs.

You don’t have to think anything is broken for God to put you back together the WAY HE INTENDED for you to be.

I didn’t think I was broken either… until I noticed God created me for GREATER.

Have a great day everyone!!!

I speak blessings and uncommon favor over each of your lives.

Today is a new STEP in the right direction.

I’m going to review my plans for 2017 today. If you haven’t wrote them down yet, think about them and write the vision. You can do anything you put your mind to do!!!

“You’re famous… you just haven’t discovered yourself yet.”- Me.

What didn’t work in 2016… Is perfect for BETTER in 2017.



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