Growing Faith- My Sunflower Story.

When I was five years old… God taught me a  BIG lesson about FAITH that I still use today! At the time, I did not know that it was a lesson on FAITH or that it was a lesson at all for that fact.

And to think it all started with a SEED.


Imagine… The kindergarten teacher says, “We’re going to each plant a sunflower.” She gave each of the students the opportunity to select their own planting pot, soil, sunflower seed, and their place in the window. Even at the age of five, I was always very competitive. I couldn’t help it… I just wanted to be the BEST. So I selected the best planting pot (no spots or cracks), hand selected good soil, checked for the best seed, and picked the best place for the PERFECT sunlight in the window. I even made sure the water was just right!  And to think I was only FIVE years old.

I told all the children that my flower was going to be the best, the biggest, and greatest sunflower out of them all. 

I admit… my mouth was super BIG from being EXCITED and CURIOUS. I wondered HOW GREAT and GRAND my sunflower was going to be. I was so excited that to ensure my SUNFLOWER would be the BEST… I went to my teacher and asked for a few more seeds. The teacher had no idea why I needed them but decided to give them to me. I secretly placed all of the seeds into my soil.


But things didn’t not turn out the way I anticipated.

The next day all of the students rushed into the classroom expecting to see the sunflower. Of course, the teacher explained to the classroom full of children that it would take time. She even advised us that we could expect to see the sunflower sprout in about a week.

The following week we all walked into the classroom and  all of the sunflowers appeared to have spouted… with the exception of mine. I was hurt.

There was nothing in my FLOWER POT.

All of the children looked at their flower plants and were pleased but immediately they all gathered around my flower pot.

Here I am… the only child that spoke about how great and grand my sunflower would be and there I was with nothing to show for it.

The teacher then told everyone sometimes some flowers take longer to bloom. What a lesson to remember.

She ensured me that it would grow in due time. But each day that I returned to class, nothing was in my flower pot and yet the other children’s flowers continued to grow. After about two weeks, even the teacher became concerned about my flower and even offered the opportunity for me to start over.

Even as a child, I declined the offer because I reminded myself of everything that I did to ensure my flower grew. One day the teacher asked…

Did you put the seed in?

I didn’t want to tell the teacher that I put a lot of seeds in my soil (in case I did something wrong)  but I did want to answer her question.

“Yes Ma’am… I put the seed in,” I answered. From that day forward… I reminded myself each day that I put the seeds in the soil. I continued to water my flower each day… even when there was nothing to see. And each day the children gathered around my flower pot… they all believed that I had did something wrong and of course reminded me daily of the BIG and GRAND things I spoke about before it.

The day the teacher was going to have me start over… I walked into the classroom and saw a little sprout growing out of my flower pot and at that moment… I new my sunflower would be the BEST because I KNEW WHAT I HAD PUT IN!!!

After about 2 months of growing… my sunflower was about FOUR TIMES BIGGER than all of the other children’s sunflowers.

The word of God says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” – Hebrews 11:1

When you plant any type of seed in life (HOPES… DREAMS… PRAYERS… LOVE… MONEY) there will be some days that you will SEE NOTHING. But in spite… speak the greatness that God has in store for you. Because God will MAKE A WAY.

And on days that you feel hopeless… remind yourself, did you put the seed in?

If you can do this… God can multiply everything you plant. And don’t worry about those watching to see if what you spoke and if it’s really going to happen. Because just like the children in my classroom that marveled at my GRAND HUGE SUNFLOWER… they were once the same children that spoke about it when there was NOTHING to SEE.

Remember: We walk by FAITH and NOT BY SIGHT.

Today… I use this story to encourage myself and others… that God is working on something GREAT and GRAND just for you!!!  Even if you don’t see it. BELIEVE.

I desire for my book to be completed… to purchase a new home… start a new business.. and get married one day.

Who cares what it looks like right now?

Faith works perfect when you don’t see exactly how GOD IS GOING TO BLESS YOU!!!

If you can SEE it… That’s not FAITH.


Thank Him in advance for…

That new JOB.

That new BOOK.

That new BUSINESS.

That new SPOUSE.

That new HOUSE.

That new DREAM.

That new IDEA.

I don’t care what it looks like… have FAITH, the blessings are on the way! 

Don’t worry about how others are blooming… your blooming day is on the way!

Have a great day everyone!!! Let’s exercise our FAITH.



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