Motivation… You’re in control.


Here’s a very brief motivational message for today!

If you want to shine

If you want to be the best

If you want to be the star

If you want to get to the next level…

You  must challenge yourself to reach new heights that you have never reached before… and then you will release the genius that lives within you!

Failures doesn’t define you.

Rejection doesn’t define you. 

You define you!

Your life has too much value to settle.

There will be some ups and downs… but remember the human spirit is impossible to kill. You have everything that you need on the inside to SUCCEED. The question is… what are you willing to GIVE to evolve into what God has for you! Give it your ALL!!!

You declare what you stand for…

Stand for your dreams.

Stand for your vision.

Stand for what you believe in.

I’ve decided to live my life with PASSION… To live my life with DRIVE… To live my life for BETTER… It is with who I am that I give Glory to God.

Give the BEST of who you are to God.

It starts today!!! 

I believe that we as human beings are capable of doing anything!!! And I know it’s easy to say… Oh I can’t do that… but what does that mean to someone that hasn’t even tried?

You’re still here right?

You’re still breathing right?

That means you still have time!

That means the last chapter of your life has not been written.

It begins with your thought of mind.

Think BIG!

But start small! Start with what you have… And God will add to you!

Don’t let fear stop you from being YOU! 

If you don’t have what you want in life… If you’re not where you want to be in life… Then it’s time to give MORE!

Wake up and say… Today is my day. My dreams will come true… I won’t stop. I won’t give up. I won’t think little of myself. But because I serve a BIG God… I will release my BIG dreams. I am great!

I’m Savvy… writer, blogger, speaker… Let’s speak a better life and watch the WORLD change in us and by us. I’m not perfect but I am declaring BETTER… I am declaring that my dreams of being a New Times Best Seller is coming soon, I am declaring that people are BLESSED by my words and lives are changed, I am declaring my ideas are grand and prosperous, I am declaring that limits are no more, I am declaring everything that God has in store for me. I encourage everyone… to write down what God has for you! Speak them over your lives!  And watch God change things!!! You decide how the next chapter of your life is written! Make it a good story. 

Be blessed! Be great! Be… The genius of YOU! You’re in control.




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