Travel: Run, Jump, Play Around to World for Cheap.


Many people choose not to travel because they BELIEVE with their mindsets that it’s too expensive.

What I have learned is that expensive is a state of mind.

Affordable is a realistic way of thinking about where you want to go in life and how to break those numbers DOWN!

Here are a few tips to get where you would like to go: TAKE THE LIMITS OFF.

  1. For my international travelers, try GROUPON. PARIS, ROME, LONDON, SPAIN, ETC.
    1. 7 day trip to PARIS with airfare will be about $1,299
    2. If you need to save for a year: Here’s a plan.
    3. $50 every two weeks into an account for a year and then you are off to PARIS.
  2.  Worried about not having enough food money: What about an ALL-INCLUSIVE TRIP TO CANCUN.
    1. Currently there is a deal that is about $949 on GROUPON
    2. 6 day trip with your food included and airplane ticket.
    3.  Put about away half of the money now and divide the rest among your pay checks.
  3. Still too much: What about a drive to PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL
    1. GROUPON has a 4-star beach resort hotel for $76 per night.
    2. GasBuddy.Com helps with calculating the gas money.
    3. And there are lots of options for food along the coast.
  4. Another website that I like is KAYAK.
    1. Unless there some major holiday, party, or conference, most of the time it’s safe to purchase your plane tickets and later look for your hotel. The earlier you purchase your flight, the better chance you have at avoiding higher cost at the last minute.
    2. There are also package deals avaliable.
  5. Looking to rent a car… Try
    1.  Word of caution: beware if the price is too cheap on any website.
    2. Recently I had a car rental from Dollar and the car was much older than the listing year of the car (This was down south but up north the cars were pretty good) Just be ready to have a credit card to put on file.
  6. Last but not least: During the winter months cruises are a GREAT option. Try
    1. Very low prices.
    2. All the food is included.
    3. No worries.

I am not a HUGE cruise fan for personal reasons but what I can say is that you will be able to have a lot of fun with a worry free budget. Most tickets during the winter range from $129-$150 per person.

These are just some suggestions. Be ready to RUN, JUMP, PLAY AROUND THE WORLD.

Don’t allow the BIG number to stop your BIG move.

You can go anywhere in the world that you can DREAM of:



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