Love it ENOUGH not to GIVE UP!

“If you believe it enough… you will see it! – Guy Kawasaki- Apple”


I really like this quote and totally believe it! Now what?

You make some make some moves


Here are just a few things that you will need:

Be Passionate.

Be Dedicated.

Be Optimistic.

Whatever idea that you have… GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD and START PLANNING.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Find a career that doesn’t require work?”

The key element that takes work out of the equation is LOVE.

When you love something so much, it really doesn’t feel like work even when you’re working hard.

You need people to believe it before they see it. 

And you need to understand the WHY behind your idea… NOT MONEY, because money is a result but the purpose. What is the cause and why does it exist?

So here’s my story:

I have a GRAND idea!!!

But the idea needs to be developed. I love this idea sooooo much, so it will require TIME.

This week, I took the time to understand the problem that my idea will solve. And currently I’m working on the solution. If you can present this information, you will go a VERY LONG WAY.


MORE TIME (Financial freedom is time and money)

MORE BLISS (Happiness)

Now for the WORD of God

Check this OUT!!! It blessed me sooooooo much today!!!
Mark 8:23-25 NIV

23: He took the blind man by the hand and led him outside the village. When he had spit on the man’s eyes and put his hands on him, Jesus asked, “Do you see anything?”

24: He looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.”

25: Once more Jesus put his hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly.

A few things to notice:

  1. The man was BLIND for birth- Unable to see or in some of our cases, lacking perception, awareness, or discernment.
  2. Jesus asked him after the healing, do you see anything? (Your dream or vision… you should be able to tell someone, what do you SEE, because if you believe it enough… you will see it!)
  3. Question: How does the BLIND man from BIRTH know what trees look like? (Because he saw it in his MIND… again what do you see?)
  4. When Jesus placed his hands on him again… the man’s eyes were opened. His sight was restored and he saw everything clearly. (Whatever your dream or vision is… If you put God first, he will make ALL THINGS CLEAR)

Let’s heal the blindness and correct the PERCEPTION!

Whatever you decide to do… Love it enough, not to GIVE UP!!!


God, Family, Ideas, Career, Travel, Fashion, Life


So TELL ME… What do you love to do?

That’s exactly what you should be doing!

Leave me a comment or message! I would love to hear from you!!!


Be blessed.#lovinglife


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