Relax… the show is about to start.


I’m not sure why many people never progress to GREATER in life.  Maybe it’s the question that rambles throughout the mind of what could I lose?

Don’t worry… I’ve felt this way about many things:

A New Job

School (Law school or Masters)

New city or New State

Money making career or Life changing career

LV sneakers or savings

And so the list begins.

We think about all the reasons why  we shouldn’t do something. Starting with the reason of possible failure. But how many times do we think… WHAT DO I HAVE TO GAIN?

Life is full of possibilities. And in order to get what you desire… you have to be willing to take some risk.

So what if people talk… Many of us don’t like people talking about us.

News Flash: People have been talking since day one… And I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon. And if people are talking… GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO REALLY TALK ABOUT!

What good is a SHOW if it’s no good?

Until the next BLOG… be blessed and be a blessing to someone else.

I see the greatness in you… that the fear of failure tries to hide.



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