Quick message today:

Okay the LOGO above is my Swagged out LOGO of Michael Noble (He’s my main character in my upcoming book) My very first Novel.

So I’m writing a children’s novel. A middle grade novel to be exact. I’ve been working on this project for one year and one month now. My deadline for myself was the beginning of December.

December 2016 that is….

Didn’t make it.

Didn’t know how it would work out.

Didn’t even see how I could ever finish.

The process has taught me one valuable lesson. TO NEVER GIVE UP! 

When you FEEL like giving up the MOST… You’re the closest to your GOAL.

I had all of these chapters but couldn’t figure out how all of the chapters went together.

So frustrating.

I thought, “Great, what good is a book if it doesn’t go together.”

I even tried to rewrite what I had… DIDN’T WORK.

I just wanted things to FLOW.

But if you trust in GOD… He sees how ALL of the pieces fit together.

So in December 2016, I began writing more chapters. Very good material. In order to move forward, I had to keep an open mind.

If I was to keep the same mindset… “I have a first chapter already,” I would have never completed this book.

Not saying that it’s complete yet… But I’m so much closer NOW.

God gave me 7 more chapters and now my previous chapter 1 is now my chapter 8.

New Beginnings 

It flows together in ways I couldn’t imagine. There were days sometimes weeks, when I got home, I would just look at my notebook and do nothing but thank God for where he was taking me. I couldn’t see where He was going with this book but I knew this book was from Him.

That’s the thing about GOD ideas… They always WORK OUT! If you trust HIM!

I’m almost there. The thing about life is you can never get stuck on disappointments or how things appear. If you do, you will never move forward. But you have to continue to PUSH forward.

I can’t explain the weight that has been lifted off of me. God is soooooo AMAZING. I can’t wait to release this book  so that it can CHANGE the lives of children around the world!!!

May God’s glory SHINE from within this BOOK!




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