Day 2 of Chapter 2 of 12

Welcome to Day 2 of Chapter 2 (February 2, 2017)


If you have not already taken the opportunity to look over chapter 1 of 12 (January), do it as soon as possible. The reason why it’s important to look over the month is to determine where you are going in life and where you have been.

Many times in life we don’t examine our lives and so as a result we never grow and life just passes by.

For the last few days, I’ve been busy working and dreaming about what things that I want to accomplish in 2017.

I asked myself, what will be different for me in 2017?

Ask yourself, what will be different for you in 2017?

It doesn’t matter what happen in 2016!

It doesn’t matter what you didn’t accomplish!

It doesn’t matter who said you couldn’t do it!

What matters is that you believe that 2017 will the BEST year ever… GREATER¬†than any year ever!

I am a firm believer that there are some people who want to do something in their lives.

You have a choice to believe in what you believe or you can choose to believe what someone else thinks about YOU!

So what… you’re another year older.

So what… it took you this long to understand your purpose.

So what… they maybe more physically fit than you.

You got to start somewhere!

Why not start today?

Everybody can’t see your DREAM because it wasn’t given to them.

I rather go after it and not get it than to not go after it at all.

This is your life.

“You’re life is a best seller book, so make sure you make it GOOD.

Do yourself a favor and PRESS forward. If you focus on the FUTURE, you will outrun the PAST. But you focus on the PAST, you will never reach your FUTURE. – Savvy.

Don’t let CHAPTER 2 pass you by without doing something GREAT!

Until NEXT time… Keep being BLESSED and Keep being a BLESSING.



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