Tell Yourself… Until You BELIEVE Yourself!

When you feel like GIVING UP… Just tell your mind that you DON’T (EVEN if you have to keep telling yourself OVER and OVER AGAIN!

Tell yourself UNTIL you BELIEVE yourself!


So last night I was working out building some muscle for my upcoming birthday! (HA)

Crazy as it may sound, I just want to be the BEST version EVER of me this year.


So how do you do that?

It begins in the mind.

Last night during my 60 sec planks, there were a few moments (about 40 sec in) where I felt like stopping but I didn’t.

I told myself three things…

  1. Don’t you dare give up!
  2. You are almost there!
  3. You can make it!

And guess what? I made it. Each 60 sec plank was hard but not as hard as it would have been if I were to put that concept in my mind. So give me about 4 weeks and I am showing off my abs and muscles. I’m so excited.

I call this concept- UNTIL.

So fitness tips are great but how does this apply in life?

I am using this same concept in all aspects of my life. Every goal that I plan on achieving BEST BELIEVE, I am telling my MIND… You can do this!

EVEN when it feels hard, I’m telling my MIND, “You’re almost there.”

EVEN when I feel like maybe this isn’t for me, I’m telling my MIND, “You were created to WIN.”

EVEN when I feel like I’m behind, I’m telling my mind, “If you start today, imagine where you will be tomorrow?

You never know what you can do until you try!

I just want to encourage everyone out there that you are in the PERFECT POSITION to SUCCEED in whatever you put your MIND to do!

Until next time, keep being BLESSED and keep being a Blessing.

“So as a man THINK within himself, so is he,” Proverb 23:7

You are what you THINK! – Savvy.


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