Learning where to go! #Life

I’m the modern day DORA THE EXPLORER


Like most people, I enjoy traveling around the world! 

Whether it’s a 2 hour flight or an 18 hour flight… I’m ready to see more and experience more than I have seen in life.

Here’s my point… traveling is important. Because the more that you see, the more you widen your VISION in life.

Statistically more than 40% of Americans never leave their hometown, which is CRAZY!

In life, we are a product of what we surround ourselves with daily.

The people

The area

The thoughts

The television shows we love BEST!

Think about it… you can’t help where you were born or how you were born but you can DETERMINE where you go next!

Problem is most people love to use their past situation as an excuse for their current situation. 

Time to move FORWARD

When you travel, it allows an opportunity to get around a different mindset of people. (Different Thinkers)

If you continue to do the same things in life… you will always get the same results.

The question is… what are you going to do differently to GET where you want to be in life?

For myself… I set a few goals and deadlines this month.

Most people don’t know that I’m currently writing my  first middle grade novel nor do they know that I produce music or create beats or that I’m a classically trained pianist or a few other things I keep to myself. But if I never put those things out there… I will always get what I have always gotten.

The most remarkable thing is… I’ve always had these GIFTS but only recently (about 1 year ago) I started to create and write. Now… it’s time to put these things to a TEST.

And to help out my thoughts… I’ll be planning a trip soon.

My mind needs to see that there are bigger and greater things than my eyes see everyday!

Challenge yourself to think differently.

Challenge yourself to see yourself where you want to be!

Challenge yourself to do something that you have never done before!

Because it’s in the challenge that you learn something NEW about YOU.

Until next time, Be Blessed and Continue Being a Blessing.



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