About This Weekend… Will TRAVEL for good food.

Dinner and Movie anyone?

What’s better than a weekend full of good food and a good movie.

I have a suggestion if you are up to the travel: Atlanta,GA.

Movie: Check out Kong: Skull Island.


For all my explorers out there! You will love this movie.

It’s a great movie in my opinion. I won’t spoil it but it’s about a team of explorers and soldiers who travel to an uncharted island in the Pacific. The soldiers are there to escort the team but the team of explorer seek out the unknown. They are unaware of the the mystic land filled with large monsters and the legendary King Kong.  The talent and visuals were AWESOME! If you haven’t seen it yet… go out and see it. I watched Kong: Skull Island in 3D. It’s was worth every minute.

So let’s talk about food. I also made a mini day date trip with my incredible boyfriend (And trust me he’s incredible!!!) to a restaurant that I have been wanting to try.



If you’re looking for something different but something  very tasty. Check out GUNSHOW located in the Glenwood Park neighborhood of Atlanta. It’s bold new flavors are just what you need to get your weekend started.  In my opinion, the food is explosive. Also you are going to love the way they present the food to you!

Until next time. Be blessed and be a blessing.



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