Travel: Situation Lone Island.


I spoke: “Perspective Change” AND then my perspective changed.

My spoken WORDS helped align my THOUGHTS.


It’s easy to see the bad any situation. Maybe on the account we are trying to CREATE the perfect situation, view, adventure, and life. For example, we reason with ourselves, if I could remove this… things would be just right or if I could change this… I could live with it.

What happens in life when tough times make it difficult to smile?

I’ll tell you…

You SMILE anyway.

In this universe, things don’t come against you to harm you but to make you stronger, wiser, and better. Some of the most successful people in life got where they are today because they were able to CHANGE THEIR PERSPECTIVE. It wasn’t about what they saw at the time but where they envision themselves in the future. These thoughts will cause you never to give up.

Fun Facts:

  1. Successful people commit to their goals and they stop at nothing because they commit to 100 percent success.
  2. Successful people persist until they achieve what they seek after. Obstacles don’t matter. Only the finish line.
  3. Successful people don’t allow failure to discourage them but to make them stronger.

Everybody on this EARTH has the power to succeed if they tell their minds that they can do it. Telling your mind once or twice maybe not enough. So how many times do you tell your mind…

Tell your mind until your mind BELIEVES YOU!

Just make sure that you are telling your mind the right things.

This works both ways.

This week was challenging for me but the moment I changed my perspective… I saw how this situation would worked for me rather than against me. When you can learn from the bad in a situation and see the good and the finally desired outcome…

YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE! There are no limits because limits only exist in the MIND.

Tell me… what will you see differently TODAY?

Don’t allow your thoughts to wander when you are alone… Cause them to align.

Be blessed and Be a Blessing. Until Next Time.



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